But girls are too slippery

We are. 

This week I have spent 3 WHOLE days packing up my life in Bunbury – ready to make the move from WA to Tassie.

I planned for it to take one day.  One day!

Four visits to Bunnings, 5 visits to the Vinnies donation bin and 6 hours of sleep later, my life has fit into 13 boxes.

But that’s not the stupid part. No, this is:

oh so creamy

oh so creamy

Yes, somewhere between clearing out all the unworn clothes, the worn out shoes and the piles of unpaid bills I rallied up more gels, creams, ointments and syrups than any one person could ever need!

I mean why is there even this much choice?

To be honest, I can’t say I know what all of them are supposed to do or promise; I assume something along the lines of eternal youth & hair as soft as a prize-Chow Chow (seriously, Google that sh*t,  you could sleep for days in one of these pooches manes!)

In my defence, I think it’s fair to say at least 73% of these were gifts; christmas, birthday, the gift bags you get free at fashion events … well, except for that Nair there: that my friends, would be a VERY OFFENSIVE gift idea for an Italian woman! Just a quick tip!

Here’s another one: for my birthday this year, maybe just buy me an entire wheel  of cheese or, say,  a singing mariachi band … you know, something I’m sure to enjoy! God knows I’m too lazy to slather anything on my body that you’re bound to find in the beauty aisle.

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