But old men in mosh pits can be pricks

I was judged for being too young over the weekend.

Now usually I would accept such flattery graciously, given how close my 30th birthday is. But not in this case.

After much hype Oz Rock finally arrived in Busselton & it was a massive line-up of Aussie legends; James Reyne, Icehouse, Diesel, Wendy Matthews to list only a few. Sure, the average age of the crowd was about 20 years my senior, but that doesn’t mean I was going to say “no” to the chance of dancing a balmy summer night away. Or (and perhaps more to the point) say “no” to a free ticket.

So there I was. Waving my hands in the air a good couple of coca-colas into the day, (small side note, I like my colas served with a dash of whiskey) standing not too far from the front of the stage where James Reyne was half-way through Australian Crawl’s classic ‘Reckless’ when some old fella breaths down my neck – with a slight nudge, and a massively unattractive dose of grumpy old man syndrome – and says, “You don’t even know this song.”

Um, excuse me?

Three things. Buddy;

  1. Yeah, I do. Despite this youthful glow,  I have been privileged enough to grow up with parents. Oh, and a radio. Oh, and ears.
  2. If it seems I don’t know every word to the song, it’s because I don’t.  I also still couldn’t sing every word to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Just so you know.
  3. You’re an idiot and I’m glad I stole your spot in the crowd.

Oh and one last thing, “I don’t like, that kind of behaviour“.

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